Fargoal T-shirts, “retro” posters, and pledge level upgrades!

This page is for people who missed out on the Sword of Fargoal 2 Kickstarter campaign T-shirt level or wanted to order a second shirt for you or a friend. Order your own Sword of Fargoal T-shirt available in the following two styles and plenty of sizes.

Note: You *do not* need to order a shirt here if you already have one coming to you as part of your pledge reward. This page is just for those of you who missed out on the campaign or wish to order more shirts.

If you simply wish to donate additional money toward our Sword of Fargoal 2 efforts (with no reward level) please click here. Your donation will be much appreciated and will continue to add to our ability to enhance the game! We will also use the “Donate” button if you are outside of the US and wish to order a Fargoal T-shirt. First, order the T-shirt below, and then come back and “Donate” the additional $15 for international shipping.

ATTENTION: You may also use this DONATE button to upgrade to another Pledge Level — for example, to get the “retro-styled” poster or another pledge level that you are interested in. Simply calculate the difference in your pledge levels and DONATE that amount. Please add $15 for International shipping locations.

Please be sure to send us a message (or include one in your PayPal DONATION) — explaining exactly what you are intending to do with the additional pledge amount: i.e. “I wish to upgrade from the ‘ADVENTURER’ level to the ‘MONSTER SLAYER’ level. Here is my additional $150 donation, plus $15 for International shipping.” (or other similar calculation)

Sword of Fargoal T-shirts (two styles) — $35

These two Fargoal T-shirt designs are printed with a full-color image and logo on high-quality 100% cotton Hanes Beefy-T brand shirts. Please scroll down to choose between one of two designs, and specific your Size and Style here!

Shipping: FREE within the US. For international orders, please complete your T-shirt order. Then come back to this page and use the “Donate” button to add $15 for international shipping (as a separate PayPal payment).

Timing: Please consider this purchase as a “pre-order” of your shirt. We will need to gather the selection information from both the Kickstarter reward level T-shirts and the orders we get here. We expect the T-shirt company to be finished with the printing in about three weeks. They will then all be shipped to us in Seattle and we will mail them out individually from here. To be safe, please expect them to be in your hands by near the end of February.


“Stairs going down” — Fargoal T-shirt

With a classic, vivid T-shirt design by Emmy award-winning animator and artist Charlie Canfield, create a sense of mystery and intrigue by proudly wearing our “Stairs going down” image on your chest.


“Let there be monsters” — Fargoal T-shirt

This image captures the feeling of danger that many Fargoal 2 players will feel when they are surrounded by monsters coming from all directions! Emmy award-winning animator and artist Charlie Canfield created this “Let there be monsters” image, offering you a second choice from our other style. These shirts are high-quality 100% cotton Hanes Beefy-T brand shirts, printed with a full-color image and logo.