A Message from Jeff

A message from Jeff McCord, original author of Sword of Fargoal:

Well, after a quarter of century, I’m proud to announce a brand new incarnation of Sword of Fargoal. For this new iPhone version, Paul Pridham and Elias Pschernig are my partners in crime. They had been diehard Fargoal fans when we met in the early 2000s, and they painstakenly made Mac and PC ports of SoF — complete with perfect reproductions of the original C64 SID chip sounds!

This iPhone version is a whole new beast, however. Though faithfully a “retro” game at heart, the “engine” beneath the hood makes it a Ferrari in classic MGB clothing. We are using OpenGL for subtle 3D rendering of the walls as you walk, and Paul has completely written his own sound synth so that it can handle not only the SID-like sounds, but also the “orchestral” background tracks by our extremely talented composer Daniel Pemberton.

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Jeff McCord