“Sword of Fargoal” is a retro-classic game, originally published for the Commodore 64 (C64) in 1983.

Sword of Fargoal Sword of Fargoal Sword of Fargoal

The game has been rebuilt from the ground up with all new graphics, music, and animations, and has hundreds of new features and gameplay elements added.

• Features over 20 levels of randomly-generated dungeon to explore

The replayability of the game is unsurpassed. Rather than the typical well-worn paths of other dungeon-crawlers, “Sword of Fargoal” has infinite variety due to the fact that the dungeon levels are different for every game. Each time approximately 107 levels and variations are generated as the game begins. When you travel down into the dungeon depths, you reveal your map by exploring through the myst, mapping the rooms and passages as you go. You find traps, treasures, monsters, and other unexpected characters as you go.

• Over 30 types of monsters and other characters

The monsters range from Ogres and Trolls, to Wyverns and Shadow Dragons. The human-type characters include Elfs (watch out for those arrows) and Rogues to Dark Warriors and Assassins. Each has its own characteristics and behaviors and there is endless variety, depending on how each individual game plays out.

• The graphics style creates a balance between the game’s “retro” roots and the modern iPhone capabilities

Springing from Fargoal’s original top-down dungeon style, but adding a subtle 3-D effect, you will find that you can walk around the dungeon very intuitively with the game’s virtual finger-push navigation. Place your finger anywhere on the screen, and your character goes exactly where you want it to at any time. Each level you go to has new maps and new level types (currently three level types). Take the stairs downward on your quest and find more and more new things the deeper into the dungeon that you go!

Sword of Fargoal Sword of Fargoal Sword of Fargoal

• Orchestrated music and dynamic sound effects

The music for the game has been written by Daniel Pemberton, well-know soundtrack musician who has also done the music for games like “Little Big Planet,” and numerous British and international television shows. The sound effects are all new (designed by co-author Paul Pridham), and have a dramatic, dynamic sound for explosions, finding of artifacts, and battle sounds, etc.

• Custom animations and other graphics

Charlie Canfield (who has worked for ILM and other major animation studios) has created beautifully rendered transitional graphics which appear throughout the game play. As you enter the game, go up or down stairs, find the Sword of Fargoal, and trigger other events, the animations and accompanying music really enhance the play experience. The in-game graphics are also spectacular, creating a colorful and varied world that is rich with detail.

• Project’s creative partnerships

Along with Sword of Fargoal’s original author, Jeff McCord, who created the C64 version in 1983, Paul Pridham and Elias Pschernig have created a wonderfully rich and rewarding game play experience. The game is designed from the ground up with all new programming, and the amount of detail and new material makes this edition of Sword of Fargoal the best in over 25 years!

Sword of Fargoal Sword of Fargoal Sword of Fargoal