Sneak-preview “pre-announcement” about Fargoal 2 Kickstarter campaign!

Hello All! Here’s an early preview announcement that I’d like to share:


We know how important it is to everyone — ourselves included — to finish our year+ long efforts on “Sword of Fargoal 2.” We are resolved to do just that, and we have a plan that we think will help us successfully accomplish *all* of our goals for the completely rebuilt, new release of the game.


Though this is not the ‘official’ announcement that will be to-come, we wanted to let you know *early on* that we will in fact be launching a “Fargoal 2” Kickstarter campaign as many of you have suggested!!


As many of you know, we have been working on adding all the new dungeon level types, character classes, intelligent monster behaviors, treasures, traps, interface design changes, music tracks, etc. Plus there are completely new features — like “Action Cards” & side-quests — that we plan to put into the new game.


“Sword of Fargoal” (and “Sword of Fargoal Legends”) were feats of gargantuan proportions already on their own (for a small, grass roots, three-person team). What we’ve discovered is that “Fargoal 2” has been many more times *bigger* for us to accomplish! At this point we are about 80% done. It is that last 20% that we know will be the hardest, and the portion we will be asking for help from our Kickstarter supporters and Fargoal fans.


When we can fully announce the Kickstarter campaign and we know its specific timing, we will let you all know what fantastic rewards will be offered. Digital downloads of the game will, of course, be one of the base reward levels.


There are so many more cool reward levels that we will be offering that I can’t wait to share. In fact, I am going to spill the beans on one of them right now:


At the highest level, for *one person only* we will be offering THE real-life, handcrafted “Sword of Fargoal” itself! Yes, you heard right!! (preview pictures of the Sword will be shown in the official announcement).


Please stay tuned, and spread the word for people to look for our Kickstarter announcement coming soon.


Thank you *all* for sticking with us, giving us inspiration and encouragement, and sometimes the ‘kick in the pants’ that we’ve needed as well. It has been a long, amazing, and sometimes perilous quest for us so far — but we think we can see the signs that we are about to reach the Sword Level soon, and are on the right path to getting “Sword of Fargoal 2” launched in all its glory for all to see!!




Jeff McCord

Fargoal, LLC