Endorsement from Joshua Villines, Former Gaming Editor, iPhone Life magazine

“25 years after spending countless hours searching for the Sword of Fargoal on my C64 I found myself again marching into the perilous depths of Jeff McCord’s twisted dungeoncraft in the hopes of finally bringing home the fabled weapon. The re-imagining of the classic game by Jeff and Game Lead Paul Pridham was as inspired and addictive as his original creation, and both versions remain constant sources of fun for me on both the iPad and the iPhone.

But Jeff and Paul have never wanted Fargoal to be a static title. They have big ideas for finding new, inventive ways to torture and amuse us as he dangles the Sword just out of our reach (or snatches it back right after we’ve thought we claimed our victory). I’m grateful for the opportunity to help back this next incarnation of a legendary series.”

— Joshua Villines, Former Gaming Editor, iPhone Life magazine